Others Web-site Flipping – 5 Locations to Post Your Web site For Sale

Web-site Flipping – 5 Locations to Post Your Web site For Sale

If you do a swift Google search on the internet you will find a ton of web pages where you can list your web sites for sale. Web-site Flipping has become the new “fad” of the last 18 months.

For those who are new to flipping sites I would advise that you stick to a handful of tried and true web-sites for producing your 1st flips. In this article I am going to list 6 websites that you can use to sell your internet sites. I suggest trying out two or 3 just to get a really feel for the distinct web sites, and to uncover out which one is ideal for you.


SitePoint.com is the de facto number a single internet site for flipping sites correct now. Thousands and thousands of potential buyers and sellers can be found at the SitePoint marketplace. SitePoint has been on the internet considering the fact that 1999. The SitePoint MarketPlace has been operational since 2005.

SitePoint is ranked as the #1 source for purchasing and promoting web-sites. The web site boast more than $four million dollars worth of websites getting posted for sale each month in the marketplace. If you want to get your internet site sold then SitePoint is a very good location to start out. The SitePoint purchasers are a tiny extra tech savvy than some of the buyers at other web pages so beware, and sell your excellent stuff here.

In the SitePoint marketplace you can sell premium web sites, established internet websites, startup sites, and domain names. There are also quite a few other resources for sale in the marketplace that you might discover helpful such as link exchanges and scripts.

Premium websites must have a reserve of at least $ten,000. Posting a premium web site for sale will price you at least $40. Established Net Web-sites ought to be at least 30 days old. Posting an established site will cost you at least $20. hypothec are web sites that are less than 30 days old and have zero or incredibly tiny income. Startup internet websites can be posted for $ten. All postings are initially for 30 days or significantly less. The seller can set the time limit for the posting.


eBay.com is a large marketplace for buyers and sellers of sites. Purchasers on eBay are usually not the most tech savvy men and women general. You will get a lot of buyers who will actually not realize exactly what they are purchasing, so you will have to have a specific quantity of patience. When promoting on eBay it is greatest to clarify as a great deal about the website as you can up front on the auction page so that the purchaser has a really clear concept of what they are getting. This operates in your favor too, due to the fact well informed buyers are more most likely to make a purchase.

Your eBay charges can be as small as a couple of dollars or as a great deal as $50 based on exactly what options you pick out for your auction listing. Auction listing periods can be 1 – 10 days.

Be confident to familiarize oneself with the eBay rules and regulations mainly because these days they look to transform consistently, and not for the benefit of the seller.


The forums at DigitalPoint.com are alive with activity. Their marketplace is really active with web site buyers and sellers. DigitalPoint is what I would take into account element of the wild wild west of web-site promoting. The participants in the forums can be harsh and a little on the shady side.

It does not cost anything to post a web page for sale in DP. I usually discover that they faster you can sell your web-site in DP the much better. Website auctions are posted as forum threads. If your internet site does not sell within about 3 days it likely will not sell, for the reason that your thread will be so far off the initially web page no one particular will come across it.


NamePros.com is a forum equivalent to DigitalPoint.com. It will expense you absolutely nothing to post your internet site for sale in NamePros forum. It is a viable alternative to sites that call for fees for posting.


WebsiteBroker.com has been online due to the fact 1997. Their site has a good inviting UI. You will find thousands of buyers and sellers on their web-site searching for deals. They have two kinds of listings. You can list your website as a premiere site for $29.95 or as a normal web-site for $9.95. Both listings will final for 90 days. The premiere listings receive the bulk of the site visitors, therefore the greater price point.

These are just a handful of of the quite a few places that you can purchase and sell sites. I encourage you to do your own research into every single of the websites that I have pointed out in this article and make a decision which one particular is best for your desires.

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