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Toy Joy Flutter Ring

If you’d love to enhance your lovemaking and make it more passionate and intense, and at the same time stay stronger for longer, then you must get yourself the awesome Toy Joy flutter ring. This ring is designed as a smooth silicone ring with a miniature vibrating bullet, and a butterfly shaped tickler. The ring which is worn at the base of the penis provides a strong and stretchy grip that keeps the man’s cock harder for longer; while transmitting electrifying sensations directly to the woman’s clitoris with each thrust. This cock ring is an awesome way to enhance sex; you can use it during foreplay and sex to enjoy simultaneous stimulations, and the peak of shared orgasmic delight. Slip on the ring and slide it to the base of your penis, then activate the vibrations with a click of the built in control-button to enjoy tingling sensations, while the stretchy ring strengthens your erection to prolong play, and strokes her sensitive clitoris to give you two incredible thrill, it’s truly a double-barreled experience; energizing vibrations for your cock and tantalizing point-contact massage for her clitoris, isn’t that breathtaking! Each thrust delivers precise clitoral stimulation, increasing her pleasure, while his quivering member pounds deep into her pussy to send her into an orgasmic frenzy. http://yoursite.com helps to improve orgasmic response for both men and women by prolonging sex, and ensuring that her sensitive pleasure spot is well attended. Erotic adventuring is also encouraged by the waterproof design, so you can take your lovemaking into the bathroom for a wet wild one. Use water-based lubrication to make sliding the ring more pleasurable, and clean simply with hot soapy water and a toy cleaner. The Toy Joy Flutter Ring with its butterfly shape embodies this African proverb, “fly like a butterfly but sting like a bee”; and that’s what this toy does.

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