Others Redmi Note 8 – A Brief Review

Redmi Note 8 – A Brief Review

By buying Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, all you are going to witness the other side’s opposite! The manufacturer has managed to keep the very affordable price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 intact, yet at the same time deliver the phone with a fun and entertaining look. The 6.3-inches OGS screen of Redmi is quite a notable fact because it is one of the smallest screens available in mobiles today. It is also capable of providing powerful output that makes it a great entertainment option for all the young consumers out there.

In terms of performance, we can find a lot of similarities with the Redmi Note 7s but the difference is in the camera department. redmi note 8 The front and back cameras on the Note are just the same as those present on the Note 2. The high resolution sensor of the Redmi note 8 is also present, just like the ones present in the models of the Note 7s. The main difference comes up when comparing the battery life of these two phones. The Note offers an impressive 24 hours of talk time on the average but the low power consumption and heavy weight of the Redmi Note 8 makes it limited to just eight hours of real life.

The design of the Redmi note 8 is sleek and slim, just like its predecessors, which helps to make it a fantastic convergence device. All the physical elements are just as sharp as before and the same trend is repeated in the software department as well where Android interface, skin and keyboard are all just the same as before. Apart from this, the presence of front and rear cameras, as well as a heart rate monitor, make this phone perfect for anyone who wants to take pictures or shoot videos. For the hardcore fitness freaks, a heart rate monitor is a must have addition. The camera on the Redmi note 8 is just like the one present on the regular Redmi phones, but the difference is that it’s a little bit larger and features a better photo quality.

Speaking of the camera, the standard sensor on the Redmi note 8 is pretty good, especially for an entry-level phone. The biggest disappointment for most purchasers of the Redmi Note series is the loss of autofocus on some lower end models, but we’ve seen enough improvements in the field of image processing technology so this shouldn’t be a major issue. Another disappointment comes with the lack of OIS (optical isolation), which prevents the camera from focusing on objects in low light. The optical isolation can be seen on both cameras on the front of the handset, and it’s something you can’t live without if you plan to use the Redmi Note 8 as your main smartphone.

As for the battery, the Redmi note 8 will last for a little bit longer than its predecessors. It will last till the afternoon on a single charge, which is just enough to get you through a typical work day with no complications. With a high priced battery in this price point, it’s disappointing to find this, but it’s also not a big deal because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you’re going to spend $250 on a handset, then you might as well get a battery that won’t let you down.

Overall, the Redmi note 8 is a great phone for anyone looking for a basic smartphone with good performance. It’s not too different from the average phones out there, and it certainly doesn’t have any standout features to set it apart from the competition. The battery life is average, the camera isn’t that great, and the OIS does a decent job in recording video. All in all, this is a phone that works well for a lot of people, but doesn’t live up to expectations because of its basic lack of wow-factor.

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