Others Make an Image Have a Transparent Background in 3 Steps!

Make an Image Have a Transparent Background in 3 Steps!

The evolution of technology brought about much advancement across many industries. The photography industry was not spared from these innovations and every year, new methods of improving photos are being introduced.

Along with modern gadgetry, the post-processing methods also became more advanced. Removal.AI is one company that made use of such innovations by applying Artificial Intelligence technology on what they do best. The company is behind the revolutionary background eraser tool that many people find convenient to use.

Anyone can make an image have a transparent background using Removal .AI. Here are three simple steps to do it:

1. Upload Your Image at Upload

It is easy to upload a photo on the tool. The first way is to click on the Choose A Photo button to access the image files in your computer. Another method is to directly drag any photo file from your computer into the box on the tool.

2. Wait for the Results

Once uploaded, the photo will be automatically processed by the background removal tool. It would take only a few seconds to complete and the photo with a transparent background will show up.

You may further improve the photo using the photo editor. The photo editor is free and you can use it to crop or resize the photo along with other simple edits such as adding text, adjusting the brightness, or even adding a new background.

3. Download Your Image

The background remover on Removal.AI will allow you to download the transparent image for free but only at up to a resolution of 1500 x 1000 pixels.

Higher resolution photos of up to 6250 x 4000 pixels are available on the paid version of the tool. The free version is great for simple creative projects but the paid version is recommended for commercial use.

Who Needs Background Removal Service?

Having a transparent background on photos is very essential in a lot of industries. The photographers mainly benefit from a free background remover because they deal with hundreds, even thousands, of images almost on a daily basis. A background remover free online service would make it easier for them to finish editing their photos in a much lesser time.

Another industry that may require a transparent background on images is the e-commerce business. Product photos need to be free from distractions and removing the background is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Those who work in design also benefit from having a simple way to have a transparent background on an image. It will be more efficient to have a background removal service than add the tedious task of removing backgrounds on top of their busy work schedule.

Event management companies, real estate firms, publishing companies and many other industries get to minimize their workload because of a background removal service.

Why is Removal.AI Your Best Solution for Your Needs

Making photos versatile is as easy as clicking the mouse button. Photos become easier to edit and look more fantastic when they are free from backgrounds. Most especially with entrepreneurs who are just starting out, a transparent background on their product photos can eventually help them achieve their business goals early on.

Removal.AI presents an innovative solution that is simple, effective, and even free. This is great for people who do not have the time and other resources to spend for pricey photo editing services and hiring an in-house photo editor. Using the tool is also easier compared to learning how to manually erase a photo background. With its competitive pricing for professional-quality results, Removal.AI proves that it is the most convenient and cost-efficient solution for your needs.



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