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Duo Fist Dildo

The Duo Fist dildo is another wonderful creation form TSX Sex Toys. As it brings so much pleasure, we had to include it in the Peaches and Screams Fist Dildo Collection. The Duo Fist Dildo is designed to show you that two hands are better than one.

The Duo Fist dildo features lifelike design. It has one fist on top of the other for ultimate pleasure. The top fist is a female hand with some incredible detailing. The bottom fist is a male hand, and both fists have a forearm.

In terms of size, the Duo Fist dildo is thirteen and a quarter inches total length. The insertable length is ten and a half inches. The width of the female fist on top is three and a quarter inches at its widest point. The male fist is three and three quarter inches wide at its widest point. The outer material is soft, and the dildo does have some flexibility. It has enough firmness to make insertion a wonderful experience, and enough soft smoothness to make it relatively easy.

The Duo Fist dildo can be used on both men and women. You can use it with your partner, or you can use it alone. The base can act as a suction cup, and can attach quite securely for hands free penetration. It’s made in the United States from phthalate free PVC, which means that it is skin and body friendly and waterproof. You can bring it into the bath or the shower without worrying about any kind of water damage.

The design of the Duo Fist dildo means that the female fist has a slight point to the thumb to allow for easier insertion. The Duo Fist dildo be used as and introduction to fisting, but it’s provides enough of a challenge to keep things interesting for the more experienced. Visibility park can be used both vaginally and anally.

However you want to play with your new Duo Fist dildo, make sure that your body is relaxed, and use plenty of personal lubricant. Our range of personal lubes is completely safe for use with your new toy. When you finished, make sure that you clean your Duo Fist with a toy safe cleaning solution, like the ones we offer.

The Duo Fist dildo will become one of the most used toys in your collection.

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