Others 7 Places to Visit in Adelaide

7 Places to Visit in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia.  It is also Australia’s fifth largest city, with more than 1.2 million people living in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Adelaide has parks and gardens scattered all over the city, making it a green haven for many citizens and tourists alike.

To say that there are “7 Places to Visit in Adelaide” would be completely inaccurate. There are many places to visit and things to do when you’re in Adelaide … and it can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been there before. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down for you and came up with these 7!

  1. Adelaide Botanic Garden.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a non-profit botanic garden containing over 10,000 species of Australian native plants.  It’s located only half an hour away from the city centre in Hackney Road, North Adelaide. There are over 20 hectares to explore when you’re there with 3 distinct styles of gardens: Chinese, Mediterranean and Australian.  The Adelaide Botanic Garden is open all year round and easily accessible by public transport or bicycle .

  1. Catch an outdoor movie in the park – free of charge!

Adelaide loves outdoor movies! Over summertime, there are numerous places to catch a free movie in the park around town, especially when you visit Rundle Park or Elder Park. Pack a picnic dinner and make a night out of it with the family!

  1. Experience wildlife at Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo is located in the city’s parklands, adjacent to the Botanic Garden. If you’re looking for an educational yet fun day out, then pay the Adelaide Zoo a visit. You can hand-feed kangaroos, experience the nocturnal house (with bats!), see Australian wildlife like koalas and take a ride on the Zoo Train!

  1. Walk in Victoria Park

Victoria park is located in Halifax Street, near North Adelaide’s CBD. It’s one of many parks in Adelaide. If you’re in search of some quiet time, then this is the place to go. The large park is ideal for picnics or simply wandering around, exploring the beautiful gardens and monuments with your family.

  1. Tour Adelaide on a horse drawn carriage

This sounds like something out of a movie – but it’s real! You can tour the beautiful city of Adelaide on a horse drawn carriage. It’s not only romantic but also relaxing and exciting at the same time. If you’re after something unique, then this is it! You can find horse drawn carriages in Rundle Mall , Victoria Square and many other places around the city.

  1. Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Adelaide  and it’s definitely worth the trip! There are lots of wildlife to find when you go there including kangaroos, koalas and birds such as cockatoos and parrots. Iconic locations to visit when you’re on Kangaroo Island include Flinders Chase National Park and Seal Bay Conservation Park, where you can get up close with the native wildlife.

  1. Visit Adelaide’s Western suburbs

Adelaide has a variety of needs for all ages and interests, from the vibrant city centre to the Australian outback in its western part. Visit local wineries , go on a nature walk, ride the giant Ferris wheel … you’ll get your fill! In addition, if you are at all interested in history, be sure to check out the many historical buildings in the western suburbs.

Adelaide is a beautiful place to visit in South Australia! There are so many things to see and do around this city … It’s great for couples, families or even solo travellers! After reading this article, if you think you would appreciate some company, you can try out the Adelaide Escorts at Ivy Societe.

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