Others 15 Exclusive Espresso Mugs: Wonderful Inexpensive Gifts for Any Event

15 Exclusive Espresso Mugs: Wonderful Inexpensive Gifts for Any Event

Browsing for an low-cost — and fascinating — present for a co-worker? Pal? Neighbor? Family member? Special espresso mugs fill this want. What do I mean by exclusive? novelty mug . Quirky mugs. Funky mugs. The adhering to mugs are not the typical each day coffee mug, and coffee mugs do not have to get there vacant or only loaded with espresso. Study on for gift providing ideas.

Dunking Mugs

The Cookie Dunk Mug

This white ceramic mug is perfect for those who dunk cookies in their coffee. The bottom of the mug includes a shelf that holds two of your favored dunking cookies, eliminating the need to have to balance a saucer although lowering the number of dishes that want washing afterwards. This one particular also arrives in brightly colored polka dots. Insert a bundle of shortbread cookies to make this gift complete.

The Taca Cup

This mug solves the issue of how to dunk a large cookie with no breaking it into items. While most folks resolve this issue by using a even bigger mug, the Taca (Portuguese for cup) gives much more cookie space by growing the mug into the take care of. Now coffee enthusiasts can dunk their outsized cookies neatly without shedding a crumb. Why not include a bundle of oversized cookies to give them a head start?

Experience Mug

This ceramic mug depicts an offended face with an opening or shelf that positions a donut immediately in its mouth. Add a box of particular donuts or donut recipes to this mug.

Hyperlink Mugs

Have you at any time been confronted with carrying 3 or 4 mugs at once? This kind of a process frequently final results in burning fingers, spilling coffee, even staining the carpet. This mug established solves the dilemma of how to have much more than two mugs with no a tray: the ceramic mugs interconnect. Every single one has a plug on 1 aspect and a corresponding recess on the other. Merely link the mugs jointly in a side-by-aspect line to have. Fill every mug with a diverse flavor of espresso creamer. Or include numerous pound luggage of exotic coffee from Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua.

The Heart Mug

Round on the exterior, this ceramic mug has a heart-shaped inside, not seen till stuffed with espresso. What is excellent with hearts? Chocolate! Fill this one with his or her favourite candies.

Consume Selector Mug

A single sugar? Two? Milk? Product? How do your co-staff like their espresso? If you are unable to remember, then this is the mug for you — or them as the circumstance may be. This ceramic cream-colored mug has steel selector rings that can be twisted to expose consume, sugar, and milk tastes. Want your coffee black with two sugars? This mug can make that considerably a lot more likely to be remembered. Creamers or various coffees would be a perfect filler for this 1.

My Cuppa Coffee

This mug is also created to assist espresso drinkers combine the best amount of milk or cream every time, merely by matching the coloration of the espresso to the coloration tastes at the top of the mug: Milky, Regular, Dark and Powerful, and Just Coffee. Shade code your way to a excellent cup of coffee each time. Fill with a variety of creamers or sugars — or both.

Canon Camera Lens Mug

Any photographers about? If so, this mug just may go well with them. This mug looks precisely like a 24-one hundred and five mm black lens with a sensible lens-cap lid with rubber-grip emphasis zoom rings. It even has an automobile-focus swap that in fact switches. Fill this mug with film for the film photographer or digicam batteries and an SD card or stick drive for the electronic image maker.

Espresso Mug with Spoon

If you have ever essential a spoon at the place of work and could not discover a single, this mug is the answer. Frequently found as promotional mugs, this mug comes with a spoon nestled in its take care of. Fill with diverse sorts of sweeteners or creamers.

Compartment Mug

These acrylic mugs feature miniature items in a bogus bottom to the mug. Themes incorporate the seashore, space travel, a semi tractor-trailer, and different sporting activities paraphernalia.

Customizable Ceramic Mug

This mug is a blackboard-sort finish that permits one to write messages on the mug. Picture greeting one’s partner with a mug that says good early morning or I adore you. This individualized mug comes with its personal porcelain art pen.


Reboot your day! This trio of square ceramic mugs shops upside down, resembling those infamous a few keys on the pc keyboard.

Saguaro Cactus Mug with Lid

Do you know anyone who has a southwest-design decor? This mug mimics the real condition of the Saguaro cactus, full with very small yellow flowers on the take care of (which resembles an arm of the cactus) and on the lid. In keeping with the southwestern topic, this mug could be stuffed with recipes for Southwestern Spices or Mexican Coffee.

Automobile Stir Mug

This mug might be the ultimate gadget for people as well hectic to stir their personal mugs. This 1 instantly stirs the espresso with a push of the button even though retaining the espresso warm.

The Supreme Coffee Mug

This cup is ergonomically made with abnormal curves, allowing it to suit normally in the hand and in the cabinet.

Ideas on Filling Present Mugs

Now that you have decided on the best mug, why quit there? Let’s fill it!

Chocolate coated espresso beans. Discovered in most coffee shops as properly as on the internet, they are also obtainable in decaf, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Recipes. Recipes are a excellent addition. Contain several recipes or 1 recipe with a handful of gourmet versions of the substances. Recipes for espresso beverages are usually a excellent choice. If your recipe is for an liquor-primarily based coffee, then consist of the miniature bottles of people unique components. Coffee cakes and other dessert recipes are always welcome. Coffee cakes assortment from the basic to elaborate, with and with no nuts, with and without chocolate, cake blend-based mostly or from scratch. You may possibly even think about including a family members recipe. Share a favourite shortbread or sugar cookie recipe or donut recipe.

Candy. Need I say much more?

Coffee. Gourmand and specialty coffees are excellent add-on gifts, and pound baggage allow for more selection. Try out anything different – perhaps a bag of organic and natural shade developed coffee from Bolivia, Colombia, or Puerto Rico.

Packaged cookies. If you prefer to steer clear of recipes, then attempt adding a tiny package deal of cookies for dunking. Never fail to remember to consider the measurement of the mug as you choose the dimensions of the cookie.

Biscotti. Biscotti are an Italian twice-baked crunchy biscuit with recipes dating again several centuries. Traditional biscotti are produced with flour sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, almonds, and anise. They can also be discovered with this sort of names as Chocolate Biscotti with Cranberries, Almond Chocolate Biscotti, and Gingerbread Biscotti. Indulge!

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